New collections of men's clothing for Spring/Summer 2020 offer a lavish combination of the hottest fashion trends. Apart from the still sought-after urban casual style, the new collections draw visible inspiration from sport, military style, the 1990s fashion and reflect a return to timeless classics and great tailoring. This successful mix of various trends has resulted in stylish and comfortable apparel, which will help any man find his unique style. The new collections, above all, offer sports-inspired T-shirts, sweatshirts, a wide range of jeans, colorful sweaters, bomber jackets and casual long sleeve tops. Alongside in new collections appear such classics as plain shirts, smart blazers and complete suits - perfectly matching the business and formal occasions. The new season in fashion features the return of the iconic cuts from a few decades before. The cargo pants are back again, the camo pattern, 1990s-inspired sweatshirts with a stand-up collar and polo shirts with vintage style trimmings.